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by yu han - Sunday, 7 July 2019, 3:26 AM
Anyone in the world

The ideal player and all that crap is simply how much time a person can invest. Im Cheap Runescape gold at a discord that has people who are in the top 100 of particular abilities and they literally play 20 hours per day minimum... some do skilling competitions that last for an whole week and they sleep like maybe 8 hours the entire week. Some are on no sleep medications,

 others up by absolute will. So when people doubted that a individual cant potential play 20 to 24 hours every day for a number of days or even weeks... is untrue since they really do lol. Thats what it requires to take number 1 spots in matches like these.

Really cool, really watched it all of the way through from begin to finish. Given the best remark , maybe this is the can u buy gold on runescape mobile location I can ask a question that has bugged me - was there a text-only variant of Runequest? I think it was Java, however, it was text only. I had gone to spend two weeks visiting relatives in northern Ireland and my cousin was playing that game and introduced me into it. And I played with it while I was there and when I return to the US for a little while. It would have been in 1998(going back and looking at the timing, must have been another game - but quite similar.