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by paw beak - Saturday, 31 August 2019, 8:12 PM
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Many people have goldfish as their first pet. The small orange fish can usually be sold in pet stores or as a gift in carnivals. However, they have no reputation for longevity. Even so, with proper care, goldfish can reach old age.

The average life of a goldfish is five to 10 years. In nature, they can live for 25 years. In fact, the oldest goldfish ever recorded was 43 years old. But I extended

The life of your fish depends on the proper care and environment of the tank. The tent requires a lot of care. They must be fed several times a week. Your water tank must be replaced at least two or three times a month.

Fresh fish

Carp like cold water; The water temperature for your tank should be between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, be careful. Typical goldfish prefer colder waters, but elegant goldfish, such as black moors, veil tails and oranda, do not. As the temperature in the tank increases, the tent becomes sensitive to the limited availability of oxygen. Make sure you know what type of goldfish you have before determining the aquarium water temperature.