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by paw beak - Sunday, 8 September 2019, 9:40 AM
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Too much sugar in food can cause problems for dogs. Conditions like tooth decay are more risky. Weight gain and subsequent diabetes can also be a big problem. Fiber is another problem. People usually need a source of fiber so that everything flows. Dogs have a much shorter intestine. Excess fiber can easily disrupt the dog's digestive system. We should never give our dog more than bananas as a gift. More sugar too much. Food allergies are a big problem for many dogs. Can dogs be allergic to bananas?

Are dogs allergic to bananas?

can dog eat a bananas ? Allergies occur when dogs react badly to any of the proteins in certain feeds. There is almost no limit to foods that make dogs allergic. Dogs can be allergic to bananas but rarely. Allergic reactions can also be very different. They can be anything from itchy skin to organ failure. This is one of the many reasons to introduce new foods slowly.


In this way, we can wait and see how the dog will react. You might be wondering if there are poisonous dogs in bananas.

Are bananas safe for dogs?

Bananas are not poisonous to dogs. Nothing is so abundant in one banana that your dog can be dangerous. That does not mean a dog will respond well to them. If a banana irritates your dog's stomach, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. However, this is not a unique banana effect. New foods often cause problems. When this happens, it is rarely serious.

If your dog's stomach stops beating, it's best to see a veterinarian. Persistent diarrhea can make dogs dehydrated. Bananas are not poisonous to dogs. Even the skin is non-toxic. Can you wonder now if dogs can eat banana peels?